Chapter 5: Pop Culture

Evan Le

Olivia Liu

Erick Castillejo

Kristen Suk

Orion Anderson

Kyle Myers

Emily Hu

Dahvi Cohen

A Different Revolution

by Kyle Myers

A review of The Gay Revolution

The Golden Age of Gaming

by Emily Hu

A review of Joystick Nation

Stars Influence a Nation

by Dahvi Cohen

A review of Acting for America: Movie Stars of the 1980s

The Decade of New Cultural Forms

by Evan Le

A review of American Culture in the 1980s

Is it Really a War on Drugs?

by Olivia Liu

A review of Smoke and Mirrors

The Fight Against the Plague

by Erick Castillejo

A review of The Plague Years

Musical Wave or Tsunami?

by Kristen Suk

A review of Are We Not New Wave?: Modern Pop at the Turn of the 1980s

Getting Personal

by Orion Anderson

A review of Computer: A History of the Information Machine

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