Reviews of Books on Immigration

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The Boat People of Vietnam:

The Surges in Vietnamese Immigration from 1954-1992 that Changed the Face of America

Andrew Bain's critique of The Vietnamese Boat People,
1954 and 1975-1992
by Nghia M. Vo.

The Illegal Death March:

The Harrowing Story of the Wellton 26

Neil Fenani's critique of The Devi's Highway:
A True Story
by Luis Alberto Urrea

Tragedy at the Border:

The Worst Immigrant Tradegy in American History

Andrew Hills' critique of Dying to Cross:
The Worst Immigrant Tragedy in American History
by Jorge Ramos

From America to America:

A Study on the Immigration of Latin Americans

John Kang's critique of Harvest of Empire:
The History of Latinos in America
by Juan Gonzalez

The Aggressive Expansion:

Chinese America: Immigration, Ethnicity, and Community Transformation

David Ko's critique of Contemporary Chinese America:
Immigration, Ethnicity, and Community Transformation
by Min Zhou

We Didn't Pass through the Golden Door:

A Story of the Filipino Immigration to America and the Hardships They Faced Due to Discrimination

Matt Lutwen's critique of We Didn't Pass through the Golden Door:
The Filipino American Experience
by Reuben S. Seguritan

Diverse Cultures - Diverse Contributions:

A Look at Twenty-Five Immigrants' Contributions to the State of Maine

Melina Peterson's critique of New Mainers:
Portraits of Our Immigrant Neighbors
by Pat Nyhan

After a Long Journey...

A History of What Asians Endured After Stepping off the Boat

Graham Pezutti's critique of Asian American Dreams:
The Emergence of an American People
by Helen Zia

An Era of Colonization:

The Changing Geography of American Immigration

Dylan Richardson's critique of New Faces in New Places:
The Changing Geography of American Immigration
by Douglas S. Massey

Korean Immigrants' Adjustment:

Korean Immigration from the 20th Century Until Present Times

Michael Sol's critique of Korean Immigrants and the Challenge of Adjustment by Moon H. Jo

Survivors Relocated:

The Story of Displaced Jewish Immigrants After the Holocaust

Robert Seaney's critique of Case Closed:
Holocaust Survivors in Postwar America
by Beth B. Cohen

Through the Golden Door:

The Influences of Immigration on American Citizens, Immigrants, and Literature

Jennifer Walker's critique of New Strangers in Paradise:
The Immigrant Experience and Contemporary American Fiction
by Gilbert H. Muller

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