Chapter 2: Home Front

Paul Yang

Amy Nguyen

Achyutha Komarlu

Yenna Choi

Ahbinav Kondaji

Austin Leung

Bryan Lee

Riya Kurian

Nathan Abestilla

Alex Bacaoco

NASA: Need Another Shuttle Also

by Austin Leung

A review of The Story of the Space Shuttle

Reconstructed Democratic Heritage

by Bryan Lee

A review of The New Democrats and the Return to Power

O'Connor; She Who Brought Honor

by Riya Kurian

A review of Sandra Day O'Connor: How the First Woman on the Supreme Court Became its Most Influential Justice

The Awkward Bush: How He Overcame It

by Nathan Abestilla

A review of George H. W. Bush

Complications of a Newcomer

by Alex Bacaoco

A review of Unruly Immigrants

Age for Intervention

by Paul Yang

A review of Age of Greed

The Misguidance of Feminists

by Amy Nguyen

A review of Feminist Fantasies

How America Fell

by Achyutha Komarlu

A review of Crisis: the Last Year of the Carter Presidency

The Fight for the Common Good

by Abhinav Kondaji

A review of Neoconservative Politics and the Supreme Court

The Evolution of a Movement

by Yenna Choi

A review of Neoconservatism: The Biography of a Movement

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