Chapter 3:     Out Run Politics

Kari Jacobson

Hailey Kim

John Kang

Florence Liu

Yuri Yu

Greg Mikhanjian

Gina Kwon

Arjun Patel

Lia Tian

Evan Ashcraft

Underdog to Leader of the Free World

by Greg Mikhanjian

A review of Ronald Reagan: How an Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader

Reagan's Admirer

by Gina Kwon

A review of Reagan's Journey: Lessons from a Remarkable Career

The Truth Behind Reaganomics

by Arjun Patel

A review of Reaganomics: Rhetoric vs. Reality

A Deception Worthy of Hollywood

by Lia Tian

A review of Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography

Terrorism in the 1980's

by Evan Ashcraft

A review of Terrorism in America: Pipe Bombs and Pipe Dreans

Proud to Be an American

by Kari Jacobson

A review of Visions of America: How We Saw the 1984 Election

Hidden Conversations Behind Politics

by Hailey Kim

A review of PAC POWER: Inside the World of Political Action Committees

The Fight for Peace in the Middle East

by John Kang

A review of From Camp David to the Gulf

The Fundamentals of Evangelical Fundamentalism

by Florence Liu

A review of The Book of Jerry Falwell

The Christian Right

by Yuri Yu

A review of American Fascists

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