If you have any questions, do one of the following:
  1. Ask Mr. Sewell in H-5
  2. Ask Melanie Sakurada, the A.S.B. Vice President and Student Forum President
  3. Ask a Student Forum officer
  4. Send a message on Facebook (IHS Student Forum)
  5. Email us

Student Forum members are nice, so don't hesitate to ask questions (:

Position Name E-mail
President Melanie Sakurada
Vice President Vivian Ding
Senior Class Reps Michael Fu
Briana Perera

Junior Class Reps Melanie Nguyen
Tahsin Ahmed

Sophomore Class Reps Carissa Chow
Karina Sun

Freshman Class Reps [insert name here]
Attendance Mariam Tariq
Secretary Rachel Blevens-Boor
Treasurer Nahi Kim
Event Coordinator Hasini Sundaresan
Publicity Kelsie Kan
Sophia Song

Communications (Bulletin & Calendar) Malak Kudaimi
Communications (Email) Tiffany Nguyen
Technology Dana Lansigan
Babar Masood

Buildings and Grounds Uma Sen
Josephine Niu

T-Shirt Designers Emily Reikes
Akhila Kethireddy

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