The Civil Rights Movement

Judgment Days
Lyndon Baines Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Laws that
Changed America
by Nick Kotz
We Shall Overcome
by Peter J. Allen and Robert Hoffman

Black Power

Angela Davis:
An Autobiography
by Angela Davis
A Lonely Rage:
The Autobiography of Bobby Seale
by Bobby Seale
Soul on Ice
by Eldridge Cleaver

Brown Power

Brown-Eyed Children of the Sun:
Lessons from the Chicano Movement, 1965-1975
by George Mariscal
The Fight in the Fields:
Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers' Movement
by Susan Ferriss and Ricardo Sandoval

Red Power

The Return of the Native
American Indian Political Resurgence
by Stephen Cornell


The Feminine Mystique
by Betty Friedan
Make Love, Not War:
The Sexual Revolution: An Unfettered History
by Amy Swerdlow
Women Strike for Peace:
Traditional Motherhood and Radical Politics in the 1960s
by Amy Swerdlow

The Free Speech Movement

The Free Speech Movement:
Reflections on Berkely in the 1960s
Various Authors

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