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From A Mexican to a Golden State

by Michael Meghpara. A review of Bear Flag Rising by Dale L. Walker

Michael is a very outgoing student who participates in not only advanced classes but many extracurricular activities. Tennis is one of his favorite sports and he has been on varsity for all four years of high school. He is also the President of the Make-A-Wish Club, Historian of National Honor Society, Treasurer for California Scholarship Federation, and Buildings and Grounds Officer for Student Forum. In his free time he likes to spend time with friends and family, play sports, eat lots of food, and just simply relax.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

by Eric Kim. A review of The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream by H.W.Brands

Eric Kim is currently a junior at Irvine High School and is very thrilled to be graduating in a year. Besides being involved in four A.P. classes, he is actively involved in the performing arts program. Eric Kim would like to conclude by saying TGIO. (Thank Goodness It's Over).

The Rush for Riches

by Sydney Fisher. A review of Gold: The California Story by Mary Hill

Sydney Fisher is a student striving to combine her love of learning with her love of friends and a social life. Sydney plays soccer in her spare time and loves to read. Enrolled in advanced classes and unwilling to miss any school function, Sydney is amazed she has not yet died of exhaustion.

Gold Diggers: Women in the Gold Rush

by Alex Gilman. A review of They Saw the Elephant: Women in the California Gold Rush by Jo Ann Levy

Alex Gilman is a leader in the theater program at Irvine High School as well as Associated Student Body and Student Forum. He is a participant in 2008 Boy・s State, a California government simulation. In addition to wearing a toga.

The Golden Melting Pot

by Jennie Lee. A review of Roaring Camp: The Social World of the California Gold Rush by Susan Lee Johnson

Jennie Lee is on the student officer board of Irvine High School・s National Honor Society Club. She also plays tennis for her school・s girls varsity team. During her free time, Jennie enjoys reading, shopping, and watching both new and old-time movies.

The Gift of Gold

by Johnny Wu. A review of Rooted in Barbarous Soil by Kevin Starr and Richard Orsi

Since November 5, 1991, Johnny Wu has been living in a little, ticky-tacky box with people who are all the same. Since he detests his city, he often experiments with various nonconformist activities (that are often inappropriate for his age) and watches his favorite TV show, Weeds, nightly.

Changes Under Three Authorities

by Amy Huang. A review of Cattle on a Thousand Hills by Robert Glass Cleland

Amy Huang is interested in science, mathematics, and music. She volunteers at the Irvine Animal Care Center where she cares for homeless pets and helps find their new homes. She also volunteers at the St. Joseph Hospital in Santa Ana where she helps nurses and patients around the hospital and hopes to enhance her interest in the medical field.

Doughface California

by Shirley Wu. A review of The California Gold Rush and Coming of the Civil War by Leonard L. Richards

Shirley Wu is a Taiwanese immigrant who hates exercising and is addicted to mangas and on-line novels. She adheres to the motto: :If I don・t get the brains, I will work harder!; However, lately she has been slacking off. Shirley is not her legal name.

The Battle for the Coast

by Austen Greene. A review of The Contest for California: How Colonel E.D. Baker Saved the Pacific States to the Union by Elijah R. Kennedy

Austen Greene, age 17, is an active student and athlete. He plays on the Irvine High varsity tennis team, in addition to taking several honors and advanced placement courses. He is interested by current events and politics, and reads the newspaper every day after school.

The Effects of Industry on Ecology

by Anu Murthy. A review of Mining California: An Ecological History by Andrew C. Isenberg

Anu Murthy is a junior on the girls varsity basketball team. She has been a Lakers fan since before she can remember. In her free time, Anu likes to nap or read. Like typical teenage girls, Anu loves to shop and is a professional at finding good deals.

The Unwelcomed Dreamers

by Mina Kwon. A review of Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Immigrants by Jean Pfaelzer

Mina Kwon was born on January 27, 1991 in Buffalo, New York. Her hobbies include baking and playing video games. Also, she enjoys watching movies and listening to music. Music, books, and family are her necessities that she could never live without.