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Honoring a Fallen Culture

by Helen Kee. A review of The Decline of the Californios: A Social History of the Spanish-Speaking Californians, 1846-1890 by Leonard Pitt

Residing in California, Helen Kee focuses most of her time on school activities, such as clubs that work to increase involvement in the community or raise environmental awareness. Outside of class, she enjoys playing the violin, producing amateur videos, and writing poetry and short stories.

The Rancheros Built California

by Dennis Nguyen. A review of The Ranchos of Don Pacifico Ontiveros by Virginia L. Carpenter

Dennis Nguyen is seventeen years old and attends Irvine High School. As a junior there he has learned so much about culture and life that it opened up new perspectives for him. He also learned that hard work pays off.

Indians Annihilated

by Matt Sommer. A review of Indian Survival on the California Frontier by Albert L. Hurtado

Matt Sommer was born in Tucson Arizona in 1991. He loves to play sports and is currently on both the varsity football and varsity lacrosse teams at Irvine High. In the future he plans to attend the Air Force Academy to become a pilot.

Changing Californian Identities

by Alan Luong. A review of Conquests and Historical Identities in California by Lisbeth Haas

Alan Luong was born in the city of Fountain Valley in 1991. He later moved to Irvine and attended College Park Elementary school. He was a member of the Colony swim team. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, piano, and guitar.

The Railroad to Nowhere

by Rahul Kurian. A review of Hear that Lonesome Whistle Blow: Railroads in the West by Dee Brown

Rahul A. Kurian is a junior attending Irvine High School. He is involved in many activities such as American Cancer Society, high school tennis, and hospital volunteering. Even though he is criticized for studying too much, Rahul finds time to hang out with friends as well as sleeping.

The Greed-Driven Train

by Adeline Tang. A review of The Associates: Four Capitalists Who Created California by Richard Rayner

Although she likes learning about the high-wire stunts of the Big Four, Adeline Tang also loves reading historical, science-fiction, mystery, or romance books. A musician who enjoys biology in all its dissected glory, Tang hopes to be a doctor who treats her patients with a harmonious touch.

Iron All Star

by Irving Martin Del Campo. A review of Railroad Crossing: Californians and the Railroad, 1850-1910 by William Deverell

Irving Martin Del Campo plays football at Irvine High School and has been on the varsity team two years in a row. He enjoys Brazilian food and playing basketball at the park. He is unsure what he wants to be when he grows up but knows everything will turn out fine.

It All Started With A Book

by Chelsea Sutter. A review of Ramona Memories by Dydia DeLyser

Chelsea Sutter, 17, is a junior at Irvine High. She is currently enrolled in AP US and enjoys the class very much. Chelsea is extremely involved in the schools performing arts programs, including (but not limited to): Advanced Drama, Chorale, ComedySportz, and Cappies.

Preserving Californiaˇ¦s Treasures

by Margaret Chiu. A review of The Pathless Way: John Muir and American Wilderness by Michael P. Cohen

Since childhood, Margaret Chiuˇ¦s family has blessed her with annual road trips to various national parks and other destinations across the United States; these experiences have shaped her and led to an interest in wilderness preservation. Her hobbies and interests include dance, reading, and virtually anything in art form.

Citrus Farms of California

by Davoud Tu. A review of Orange Empire: California and the Fruits of Eden by Douglas Cazaux Sackman

Davoud was born in Phoenix, Arizona on September 24, 1991. He is the oldest in his family of three. He loves meeting new people and going new places. Davoud is not afraid of new experiences, enjoys company, and going to the beach.